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September 3rd - First Day of School for 6th Grade (no school for 7th/8th Grade): On this day, students will gather at the main entrance and when the bell rings at 7:27am, students and families will walk up the traditional Red Carpet and into the building. Everyone will go to the Fieldhouse. Once in the Fieldhouse, students (with families) will be welcomed and energized. Students will meet with their homeroom teachers and then walk to their classrooms. After the students leave, families are invited to stay for a welcome Q and A (with donuts!) with Ms. Emily Koch (Assistant Principal) and Mr. Tony Dugas (Principal).

September 4th- First Day of school for all students(6th, 7th, and 8th): The first bell rings at 7:27am and all students should be in their seats, ready to learn, by 7:35am (everyday). Attendance and timeliness is key to success. School gets out 2:52pm.