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Common Sense Media is an incredible resource to help support families with the following issues:

  • Reviews of books, movies, games, and more - make informed decisions about what is right for your children and family
  • Top Lists of best family and age appropriate books, movies, games, and more
  • Family guides to the best resources to support learning (apps, books, etc.)
  • Information around a variety of parent concerns, such as:
    • building character and life skills
    • technology addiction
    • screen time
    • cyberbullying, haters, trolls
    • privacy and internet safety
    • Facebook, Instagram, and Social
    • cell phone parenting
    • violence in the media
    • sex, gender, and body image
    • alcohol, drugs, and smoking
    • marketing to kids
    • learning with technology
    • reading
    • special needs and learning difficulties
    • back to school
    • early childhood

Worried about your kids using drugs or alcohol? Project HUGS is here to help.