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Do you enjoy reading? Do you like trivia games or answering trivia questions? If you answered "yes" to both of these questions, then you'd love being a part of Battle of the Books at your MMSD Middle School! If you've never heard of Battle of the Books, read on. If you're a veteran participant and have questions about this year's competition, do exactly the same thing--your questions may be answered. If you still have more questions after reading through the rest of this page, please see your school librarian.

Q. What is Battle of the Books?
A. Battle of the Books is a fun, friendly activity where teams of students read books from a specified list and then compete in a trivia competition based on those books. There are five easy steps to participating in Battle of the Books:

  1. Attend the first informational meeting where you will sign up, receive the reading list, meet other participants, and have an opportunity to check out books.
  2. Form a team of 2-4 people and START READING!
  3. Keep up with your reading throughout November, December, January and February.
  4. Participate in your school Battle of the Books competition which is often held during the last week of February/first week of March.
  5. Most importantly---HAVE FUN!!!!!!!

Q. When will the first Battle of the Books informational meeting be held this year?
A. The Battle of the Books informational meeting will be held at different times for each school, but they are typically held in November or December. Listen to your school announcements and check with your librarian for more information about the exact date and time of your school's first meeting.

Q. How many people can we have on a team?
A. 2-4 people.

Q. Do all of our team members have to be from the same class?
A. No. You can have team members from any class, BUT they must all be from the same grade!

Q. When is our school Battle of the Books competition?
A. The school competitions are typically held during the last week of February and the first week of March. You will need to check with your school librarian for the exact dates and times of your school's competition.

Q. What happens if we win the school competition?
A. The winning teams from each grade level will participate in the District Battle of the Books competition, which is held at one of the MMSD Middle Schools. Please check with your librarian for the exact date, time and place of this event.

Q. What books are we reading for Battle of the Books this year?
A. The book lists are at the top of this page or see your librarian.

Q. When can we start reading/checkout out Battle books?
A. You can start reading/checking out Battle books at any time. Just remember, February and March are a long way off and remembering all those details can be difficult! Work with your team to develop a strategy for remembering the details, HAVE FUN and GOOD LUCK!

Q. What are the rules for the Battle of the Book final competition?


  1. Each team will consist of 2-4 members with one elected spokesperson to write the team’s answers.

  2. Teams are responsible for organizing themselves and making sure all books are read.

  3. Once your team registration form is turned in, you may not change your team members.

  4. No coaching or mentoring from adults or previous participants is allowed.

  5. Team members should practice good sportsmanship and a spirit of fun.

  6. No notes, good luck charms or mascots are allowed during the competition.

  7. During the competition, teams will have 45 seconds to write the title and author of the book on their whiteboard. At the end of 45 seconds scores will be taken.

  8. 5 points will be awarded for the correct title of the book. All words of the title must be included in order for it to be correct, with the exception of the initial article - “A”, “An” or “The”. Spelling must be close enough for the judges to understand.

  9. 3 points will be awarded for the correct author of the book. Spelling must be close enough for the judges to understand, phonetic spelling will be accepted in some cases.

  10. The competition will consist of 2 rounds of 10 questions each with a break in between.