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Main Math Sequences:


Compacted Math Sequence:


Compacted Math is a math curriculum sequence that compacts 3 years of math (6th, 7th,8th) into 2 school years (6th & 7th). This compaction allows students to take Algebra as 8th graders and not miss any middle school math content.


We at O’Keeffe Middle School want access to our compacted math sequence to be as equitable and purposeful as possible. Therefore, we use a variety of data points when determining which students we recommend for Compacted Math. This includes but is not limited to: test scores, math class grades, math teacher recommendation, parent recommendation, and student interest. 

6th Grade

  • O’Keeffe’s Compacted Math program is a model called 7a Access. In this model, all 6th grade students are grouped together for 6th grade math content for most of Quarter 1. 
  • Approximately ⅔ of the way into Quarter 1, 6th grade math teachers in conjunction with support staff use data from the district and their own data from Quarter 1 to determine which students are ready for more challenge in the form of receiving 7th grade math content in addition to the 6th grade content. 
  • Students and families opt in if they would like to participate via a letter from the student’s math teacher. Students that choose to opt in will receive 7th grade content during a math intervention time.

7th Grade

  • Upon completion of 6/7a during a student’s 6th grade year, they will move on to 7b/8 in their 7th grade year. 
  • A student may also opt to move from 6/7a into 7th grade math class if they choose. 
  • If a student was in 6th grade math as a 6th grader and would like to be in 7b/8 as a 7th grader, they have 2 options:
    • Option 1 - successfully participate in a Math 7a Bridge course via MMSD Summer School 
    • Option 2 - self study 7a content over the summer and participate in end-of-the- summer testing as outlined on the MMSD website here.

8th Grade

  • Upon completion of 7b/8 during a student’s 7th grade year, they will move on to Algebra in their 8th grade year. 
  • A student may also opt to move from 7b/8 to 8th grade math if they choose.
  • If a student was in 7th grade math as a 7th grader and would like to be in Algebra as an 8th grader, they have 2 options: 
    • Option 1 - successfully participate in a Math 8 Bridge course via MMSD Summer School 
    • Option 2 - self study 8th grade math over the summer.

All math teachers continue to monitor all student progress throughout the year. If a teacher feels that a student may benefit from being placed into a different math sequence, they will reach out to families with this feedback. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns about Math at O’Keeffe Middle School.

(Updated April 2020)

Secuencias principales de matemáticas:


Secuencia matemática compactada:


Las matemáticas Compactas son una secuencia de currículo matemático que compacta 3 años de matemáticas (6to, 7mo, 8vo) en 2 años escolares (6to y 7mo). Esta compactación permite a los estudiantes tomar Álgebra en el 8º grado y no perder ningún contenido matemático de la escuela intermedia.


Nosotros en la Escuela Intermedia O’Keeffe queremos que el acceso a nuestra secuencia matemática compacta sea lo más equitativo y útil posible. Por lo tanto, usamos una variedad de puntos de datos para determinar qué estudiantes recomendamos para Matemáticas Compactas. Esto incluye pero no se limita a: puntajes de exámenes, calificaciones de clase de matemáticas, recomendación del maestro de matemáticas, recomendación de los padres e interés de los estudiantes.

6to grado

Séptimo grado

Octavo grado

Todos los maestros de matemáticas continúan monitoreando todo el progreso de los estudiantes durante todo el año. Si un maestro siente que un estudiante puede beneficiarse de ser ubicado en una secuencia matemática diferente, se comunicará con las familias para compartir la información que haya recogido. Por favor, háganos saber si tiene alguna pregunta o inquietud sobre matemáticas en la Escuela Intermedia O’Keeffe.